Rosemary 10cm
Rosemary 10cm

Rosemary 10cm

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Salvia rosmarinus formerly Rosmarinus officinalis
100mm pots
Rosemary has a long history and has always been associated with memory. It was consequently used in a symbolic sense at weddings, funerals, religious and folk festivals. The plant is a hardy evergreen perennial from the sage family that is easy to grow in most sunny positions. It has a small jacaranda blue flower that attracts bees. Trim stems back every winter to encourage branching of new growth in Spring. Rosemary makes an excellent hedge.
It can be picked year round, drying will intensify the flavour. It is used in a wide range of meat dishes, specially lamb, and is delicious together with garlic when roasting vegetables.
Rosemary also has many other household uses; as an insect repellent, as an antiseptic solution, and in potpourrii.

Position: Full sun
Harvest:6 - 8 weeks
One plant per pot.

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