Chilli Fiesta Seed Packet

Chilli Fiesta Seed Packet

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Chilli Organic
(Capsicum annuum)
Heat 5/10

Fiesta chilli is our absolute favourite variety. It fruits for the longest period, produces the most chillies, the heat level is perfect with a wonderful flavour, it's ornamental and grows as a perennial! Fiesta is a vigerous grower to 1m wide and 60cm tall. The highly ornamental fruit grow to 9cm long, changing from cream/purple when young then orange then fully ripe when red. Fruit can be eaten at all stages. Ideal to plant in pots or garden. Grows as a perennial in warmer climates and will handle mild frosts.

Sowing times:
Tropics: All Year
Subtropic: Aug-Mar
Mild: Aug-Dec
Cold/Frost: Sep-Nov

Seed Sowing:
Plant space cm: 40-60
Row space cm: 70-90
Depth cm: 0.5
Best soil temp: 18-35 °C

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