Bee Mix Spring / Summer Seed Packet

Bee Mix Spring / Summer Seed Packet

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Bee Mix Spring / Summer

A mix of seeds producing flowers to feed the bee's - Organically Grown

Bee's are the most important workers in the garden pollinating flowers ensuring you get good fruit set for harvest.
We regularly hear from customers they don't have bee's in their garden and often it is because there are no flowers for the bees to visit.
Bee's love flowers that are the colour yellow, blue and purple,
the flowers need to be high in pollen and nectar which is why we have created a mix that is sure to draw their attention.

These varieties have been selected from years of experience organic gardening and seeing which annuals bee's go crazy for.

Spring/Summer mix contains Basil, Sunflower, Cosmos, Marigold and Anise Hyssop.

You can sow this mix in pots or direct in the garden. Packet covers approximately 3m2.

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